Katie’s beautiful remembrance of VidCon 2013, celebrating Esther Day, celebrating love, celebrating humanity! TSWGO will be at VidCon 2014, so “pick up the pace, we’re headed West” in June!

Hannah from Pennsylvania recently had her 16th birthday party, and raised money for TSWGO in lieu of gifts. She and her friends raised $275! Thanks for being so awesome Hannah, and happy birthday from everyone at TSWGO!

Check out this interview that Lori and Wayne did at WBUR this weekend! 

I spy something with my little eye… <3 

Check out this article about Esther’s book in Parade Magazine!

Thank you!

We are officially one of the winners of Project For Awesome!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us, made videos, and shared our video with friends and family. Thanks to all of you, we will be able to continue helping children with cancer and their families, and we are so thankful for all the support we have been given. You guys are seriously incredible, and we could not do what we do without your dedication.

This star won’t go out, because all of you refuse to let it. Thank you, and DFTBA!

Trying to figure out how to get to the TSWGO Book Launch event? We’ve got you covered!

Hey Nerdfighters! Here some ideas for public transport options:

Framingham/Worcester Commuter Line (Purple Line): Fastest, closest public transportation stop. You will want to get off at the Natick station. This is about a mile and a half from the school. You can then take the Rt. 10 bus to 9/27 Plaza near the Panera. You then walk out of the plaza to N. Main Street, take a right, and Rutledge Road is your next right, just next to the shopping center. The school is up a steep hill, about a 7 min walk.

This is the easiest option for getting to the event, though tickets are around $7.25. You will want to purchase a Zone 4 ticket before boarding the train, if there’s a ticket machine available or use the MBTA app if you have a smartphone, to avoid an extra $3 fee! There are only a couple of trains on Saturday evenings, so timing is key. Here is the schedule for the trains for 2/1 Inbound (going towards Boston), and Outbound (going towards Natick).

Green line (D Line): This is the most flexible public transportation option. You would want to take the D Line all the way out to Riverside (end of the line). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the regular shuttles to Natick are running on Saturday evenings. There should be a number of cabs idling at the Riverside stop or you can easily call for one to meet you there. The Green Line runs quite often and only costs around $2.50. It is about a 20 min drive to the school from Riverside.

We recommend using this option to get back into Boston, as there are lots of trains and they run until around midnight. You can call a cab to get you at the school or carpool with other Nerdfighters.

Who’s excited for 2014? Intern Celine recaps the past year and looks to the future of TSWGO.