I couldn’t wait for August 3rd.. But really, who can disagree with celebrating Esther Day every single day?

While I may not have known Esther (and really wish I could have), I have found a place in my heart for her, and am fascinated by the short, yet wonderful life this beautiful girl led.

Rest in Awesome, Esther.

tear stained face straight out of tfios…hearts for Esther

Recent TSWGO Media Masterpost

Two videos in one week? Must be because of the new Esther Day campaign!

Intern Celine had the opportunity to go to the TFIOS press release and see the movie last month through a fancy shmancy Tumblr meetup. Check out her Thoughts From Places video on the event and her connection with The Fault In Our Stars book.

Aaaaand we’re back on Youtube! Check out some updates and some info on our Esther Day project with The Harry Potter Alliance.

TSWGO kid Hanah and Intern Emily are dancing the night away at prom tonight <3

Repping TSWGO at the livestream


It’s May, so this is happening:)

Gotta love May :)

Katie’s beautiful remembrance of VidCon 2013, celebrating Esther Day, celebrating love, celebrating humanity! TSWGO will be at VidCon 2014, so “pick up the pace, we’re headed West” in June!