The Esther Day set up at the Tattered Cover.


Thoughts about Esther by Unironic Enthusiasm

In which Linda shares some thoughts about life, death, and Esther.

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Esther Day Gathering - 2014!

Today, I managed to pull off a gathering I’d been organising for a few days in memory of Esther Earl and in honour of Esther Day. For Irish Nerdfighters! We had it today, August 6th, three days after the original date, and it went really great! People brought infinite baked goods and we played Werewolf and Ninja and just laughed and talked and basically had an awesome day - we also had a different kind of our traditional “circle time” where we talked about the friends and family that we loved and were grateful for. I was also selling t-shirts and keychains for an Irish charity, CanTeen, who earn funds to support teens with cancer. It was a great day overall and I was so glad to be able to organise something in honour of Esther (with of course a lot of help from some of my great friends!)

So yeah, do you guys think you could make John Green find the thing?

This is absolutely wonderful!

So lovely :)


so i sent my esther day postcard from leakycon to my mom and today she e-mailed me saying how much she loved it and how much she loved me

my mom and i have a sort of tenuous relationship at times so

thanks leakycon / the hpa / esther earl. <3



Esther Day card from Desi!


In honor of #EstherDay, and my God Mother’s birthday (the lovely women smiling), I have put several notes of encouragement that is Esther inspired.

Tell someone you love them today.


"Look at the stars,

look how they shine for you.”

- Yellow by Coldplay

Happy Esther Day! Tell someone you love them. 


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Good work, #LeakyCon. #EstherDay (at Rosen Centre)