Apenas seja feliz, e se você não conseguir ficar feliz, faça coisas que o deixem feliz. Ou fique sem fazer nada com as pessoas que o fazem feliz.
Esther Earl.


This book… it’s amazing. I don’t even know how to feel about it… it’s just so… touching.

Hi, I want to write a school essay about TSWGO. Where can I find the most information, exept your website? For example about the diffrent groups that raised money? Thanks!!

Email the interns at tswgointern@gmail.com :)


Look what I finally bought!!!!!!! Fun night at the book store
Just posted this to Instagram go like it so I don’t feel like a loser!


I #donated #hair today. 😎💚 #shorthairdontcare #tswgo

Looking good and helping kids with cancer doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive!


GeekyCon’s just released amazingly edited “live” version of Esther Day 2014 in Orlando, Florida! A magical night indeed 


This is INCREDIBLY more moving now, finally being able to see the entire crowd. You can really gauge how amazing it was to be there in the moment. 


I am #donating my hair because #EstherDay is everyday. The need to tell the people around us we love them is constant; and so is the need to make kids with #cancer feel like themselves again, even if it’s just #hair. I have not had short hair for seven years but I gladly don it again to make someone’s #birthday or unbirthday the best day. They deserve this life more then a wish granting factory could give them. #tswgo #iloveyoutoo #onefootofhair #pantene #beautifullengths 💇😊💚🎆

Thank you for helping support children with cancer <3


Spent an unhealthy amount of time in a couple of bookstores to move Esther’s book right next to TFiOS. fishingboatproceeds


Why, yes, they are…