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Reviewsday Tuesday: This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Earl

love this review!


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My new song inspired by The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is here! This book means so much to me.

If you’d like to download the song, it is now available on iTunes and bandcamp.

Lauren Fairweather’s much-anticipated TFIOS song “Math” is out at last!


I love the celebrating Esther Day / at VidCon 2014 video. Please add captions so that people who are deaf can also enjoy it.

I just transcribed the Esther Day 2013 video and I will make sure to transcribe all of our other videos and future videos as well.

- Celine, TSWGO Intern 


Finally got my new #TSWGO bracelet to replace my old one that broke. Just in time for prom in a few weeks!

Katie’s beautiful remembrance of VidCon 2013, celebrating Esther Day, celebrating love, celebrating humanity! TSWGO will be at VidCon 2014, so “pick up the pace, we’re headed West” in June!


This star won’t go out
I made this in my art class Esther was a true inspiration

Love it!


I was in the grocery store and spotted some copies of The Fault in Our Stars and decided that one of them needed a nerdfighter note. I hastily scribbled a note to leave, set it up so it’s noticeable by a someone interested in the book, and set off to check out the rest of the store. 


I rounded the corner and happened upon Esther’s beautiful smile! This was the first time I’ve seen the book apart from online and copies I’ve ordered [I haven’t had much chance to be in a book store lately] and wanted to commemorate it. So, This Star Won’t Go Out got a nerdfighter note as well! 

I hope whoever picks up both of these books enjoys both the notes and the books! 

[PS. I love that Esther was placed next to Malala. These two young women have greatly influenced my life in the past year.]