Help my friend Maddie raise money for TSWGO! 

In August, shortly after Leakycon, I’m shaving my friend Maddie’s head. In the weeks leading to August, Maddie is raising money for This Star Won’t Go Out, an charity that helps families who have a child with cancer that was founded in the memory of our dear friend Esther.

Maddie’s wanted to shave her head for ages, and she’ll be doing it regardless of what we earn, but this is a great chance to give to an amazing organization. She’ll be donating her hair as well. I hope you guys consider giving!

I’m making little crocheted star plushies for the campaign, if you want one of those!

Click here (or the picture above) to donate.

Please help our friend Maddie achieve her goal!


We had a fantastic Esther Day meeting at This Star Won’t Go Out’s beach headquarters with Wayne and Lori Earl! #surfsup



Feel the love Esther.


The team behind Dance Against the Dark Arts wrote a song about Esther Day. It’s awesome.

Adorable tribute to Esther <3


I like to celebrate Esther day every year, and this year I’ll be celebrating it a few days early, the Friday before it actually.
this whole past school year my mom (without my knowledge) has been tracking down my bio-mom and dad.
I was adopted a few hours after my birth into the family that I’ve now spent the rest of my life with (they have their flaws, but they seriously are an amazing family) 
now on the Friday before Esther day, I will be celebrating it by meeting my bio dad for the first time ever.
Happy Esther day everyone


We are thrilled to announce that we have an exclusive shirt for LeakyCon! Thank you Megan P and Helen P for the wonderful design!

While I may not have known Esther (and really wish I could have), I have found a place in my heart for her, and am fascinated by the short, yet wonderful life this beautiful girl led.

Rest in Awesome, Esther.

I feel bad that I don't know this, but when is Esther day?


The Weapon we have is Love.

(I copied a pencil drawing I found on the internet and made it in blue and green colored pencil so I only take a little of the credit.)

This was one of my Esther Day projects that I might give to one of my friends. I might keep it for myself because I like it more than I thought I would.


The Nerdfighters of Israel gathered to cry together at the premiere night of The Fault In Our Stars movie, and took part in the amazing #EstherDay project by the HPA. We calculated the ticket price as if 70 people were coming, but as 88 showed up, we ended up with some money in our hands, which we decided to donate to TSWGO. All in all, I’d say it was a pretty awesome event.